Brigitte Dusseau

Boston Bomber: I am sorry for the lives I have taken

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has publicly expressed remorse for the first time since he executed the 2013 Boston marathon bombings.

Houston’s fans encouraged to watch funeral on TV

Music greats and Hollywood icons joined family members of Whitney Houston at a church in her hometown to pay tribute to her a week after her death.

‘We won’t go!’: Face-off looms at New York protest square

Anti-Wall Street protesters vowed a pre-dawn show of strength to prevent their eviction from the symbolic Manhattan square.

Hurricane Irene sends Americans fleeing

Hurricane Irene blasted ashore near Cape Lookout, North Carolina in a weakened but still massive category one storm that has sent Americans fleeing.

Strauss-Kahn charges may be dropped

Dominique Strauss-Kahn could be freed this week, as prosecutors reportedly prepare to dismiss charges that he sexually assaulted a hotel maid.

Blair marks 10 years in power before bowing out

British Prime Minister Tony Blair will celebrate 10 years in power next week, a landmark clouded by growing questions over his legacy as he prepares finally to stand down. The Iraq war and a "cash-for-honours" corruption probe over party funding both threaten to tarnish his image and overshadow Britain's booming economic success of the last decade.

Belfast’s troubled past now a must-see for tourists

''Over there is the Protestant area. And there, behind the wall in the middle of the road are the Catholics,'' says Alan Hoy with a smile as he tells tales of Belfast's hardest working-class areas. His taxi carefully parked on the kerb, Hoy works for one of seven cab firms that now take the curious to north and west Belfast to explain all about what is still euphemistically called around here ''The Troubles''.

King of horror also knows about love

Stephen King is not just a horror specialist. If his new book, Lisey's Story, is anything to go by. Brigitte Dusseau in London reports .

London’s unremarkable bombers

The four British Muslims who carried out the London bombings a year ago remain to this day remarkable for having been, in many ways, unremarkable. Their extremist views were little known, and their violent intentions even less so. Britain was mourning their lethal handiwork on Friday.

Tectonic plates shifting in British politics

With Prime Minister Tony Blair entering his final years in power, the youthful David Cameron taking over the Conservatives and the recovering alcoholic Charles Kennedy toppled as Liberal Democrat leader, British politics is livening up after a long spell of apathy.

Storm clouds build for Blair

British Prime Minister Tony Blair faced growing doubts on Thursday about how long he will last as Britain's prime minister, even as he vowed to forge ahead with controversial health and education reforms despite a stinging defeat on an anti-terrorism proposal. The Financial Times suggested in a front-page article that Blair had suffered ''a devastating blow to his political authority''.

Search continues for identity of mute pianist

British authorities said on Wednesday they have received more than 500 calls to help them identify a mystery piano player who was found wandering on an English beach last month, but have still not found out who he is. The young, blond-haired man was found soaked to the skin but fully dressed in an elegant black suit.

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