Chris Mann

Counter rise of violent rhetoric in SA

Recent examples from Africa alone show that the country is entering extremely dangerous territory

Be warned: ‘Tweetspeak’ from our politicians is reminiscent of an Orwellian dystopia

Tweetspeak replacing empathetic, thoughtful, reasoned communication would alarm the author.

What can SA learn from Mao’s deadly chaos?

Mao manipulated youthful idealism to retain power during the Cultural Revolution with disastrous results.

EFF’s pseudo-radicalism gives voters a false sense of how things will really work

The Economic Freedom Fighters promise to do what no other party has achieved, with utopian rhetoric and little to no pragmatism.

#RhodesMustFall: Lessons to be drawn

Chris Zithulele Mann says that to remove the statue is to ignore what lurks within all of us, making it more difficult to identify our own prejudices.

Circumcision: A sharp twist of the knife and all is lost

More people continue to be killed and mutilated in initiation schools in South Africa each year than died in the Sharpeville massacre.

South Africa: Village thinking at a national level

We can cherish our cultural identities, but we can't let politicians exploit small-scale cultural values, writes Chris Mann.

Viva to the SA pencil-pushing angels who simply do their jobs

Chris Mann wonders whether it is elitist to cherish a burning desire to see the great South African dream come true.

Quo vadis university education?

Graduations took place all over the country last month. Flashbulbs popped on stages as chancellors conferred degrees on the bowed heads of thousands.

Universal leap of faith

Chris Mann explores the connection between poetic vision, science and religious belief.

Breaking the silence

I write to register my outrage as a citizen, an African and an artist at the worsening repression in Zimbabwe. The arrest of journalists, the shutting down of the independent press and the violent intimidation of the judiciary and opposition make a sham of the government's claim to be legitimate.

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