Chris Thurman

Should Shakespeare be taught in Africa’s classrooms?

Is there a place for Shakespeare in African schools, or is his time long past?

‘Political correctness takes away your balls’

World-renowned and mostly overseas-based, Athol Fugard finds that he inevitably writes for fellow South ­Africans, whose code he mastered long ago.

Make SA books matter

Novelists and reviewers can shape the industry by producing work for mass appeal as well as the serious-minded, argues <b>Chris Thurman</b>.

Academia’s Lilliputian projectors

Scholars may not be among the truly exploited, but they are undervalued, writes <b>Chris Thurman</b>

Two books a pattern make (almost)

Chris Thurman reviews Alex Smith's literary example of a sub-sub-genre -- South African language teachers in China.

Lucifer’s language

For the Sake of Silence (in which the narrator frequently meditates on the undesirability of words) extends to 550 pages.

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