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Notre-Dame fire under control, Macron vows to rebuild

Firefighters battled into the night to control the flames, declaring it was partially extinguished but completely under control

‘Paris is disfigured’: Tears and shock as Notre-Dame burns

Flames ravaging the roof illuminated the outline of the monument's two square towers in a fiery glow, and were reflected in the waters of the Seine.

Macron calls for order after ‘yellow vest’ attack on police

A total of 38 600 people took part in a sixth round of nationwide protests on Saturday, according to the interior ministry

Macron reshuffles government, names new interior minister

Macron hopes the reshaped government will signal a fresh start after a torrid few months

Hero Malian who saved child to be given French citizenship

​A migrant who scaled a four-story Paris apartment bloc with his bare hands to save a child was honoured by French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday

France immigration bill sows seeds of dissent in Macron party

​The country's Parliament will vote on a tough a immigration Bill that has sparked rumblings of revolt within President Emmanuel Macron's party

Deposed leader Ben Ali’s trial begins in Tunisia

The trial in absentia of former president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, deposed in the first Arab Spring uprising, has begun in Tunisia.

Speedy justice in World Cup courts

Doping is banned at the Soccer World Cup but the South African justice system is on steroids, with its special courts acting swiftly against crime.

The A-Z of South Africanisms

One of the Mexican forwards stumbles during a tackle. "Sorry, man" the Bafana defender says. "Aha," the Mexican thinks. "An admission of guilt!"

Election express pulls in to Mozambique

After South Africa, Malawi and Botswana the 2009 Southern Africa election express rolls into the region's rising star, Mozambique, this week.

Miners fear for jobs as platinum loses its glister

In British street slang, when something is good it's ''diamond''. In Rustenburg, another underground treasure, platinum, is the adjective of prestige.

Taxi industry shoots down public transport plans

Alex Mabizela is a poster boy for the lawless world of SA minibus taxis. Standing outside a taxi rank in Johannesburg, he cuts a hapless figure.

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