Manuel Mucari

Death toll rises as Mozambique weighs up flood costs

The floods have killed 117 people, up from at least 84 dead a week ago, according to Mozambique's deputy health minister.

Mozambique votes with hopes of resource growth

After facing years of poverty and conflict, Mozambicans are voting with hopes of their country tapping into its huge energy resources.

Mozambique says Renamo ambush kills one

The latest attack -- which killed one and injured 10 -- has raised concerns that Mozambique could slip back into conflict.

Brazil businesses to invest $500-million in Mozambique

A group of Brazilian businesses on a visit to Mozambique have pledged to invest up to $500-million in the country.

Election express pulls in to Mozambique

After South Africa, Malawi and Botswana the 2009 Southern Africa election express rolls into the region's rising star, Mozambique, this week.

Mozambicans opt for a new life on terra firma

After rain comes sunshine -- if you're willing to seize the chance of a new life. Mozambique is trying to convince tens of thousands of people in low-lying areas who fall victim each year to floods during the summer rainy season to permanently resettle on higher ground.

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