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Mozambique votes with hopes of resource growth

After facing years of poverty and conflict, Mozambicans are voting with hopes of their country tapping into its huge energy resources.

Playing catch-up, Obama seeks bigger US role in Africa

Many Africans feel America is lagging behind China and others in its engagement with their continent.

Surging bloodshed strains ‘marriage of irreconcilables’

Escalating conflict, splitting tribes and families, is dividing Nigeria's largely Muslim north and Christian south and its future as a unified state.

SA, Rwanda expel diplomats in row over Rwandan exiles

SA has expelled three Rwandan diplomats linked to a raid on an exiled general's Johannesburg home while Rwanda reacted by ordering out six SA envoys.

Mozambique clashes stoke tensions ahead of elections

Clashes between rival party supporters and police have spurred tension ahead of local elections that will test opposition to the Frelimo government.

Africa defence force still only a paper tiger

A continental defence force dreamed of half a century ago by the founding fathers of independent Africa still exists only on paper.

Angola stays loyal to Dos Santos

Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos and his MPLA party headed on Saturday for an overwhelming win in a poll criticised as not credible.

IMF ready to work with Malawi on restoring aid

The IMF says it is ready to discuss working with Malawi to try to get its stalled IMF aid programme back on track.

Chávez homecoming is another turn by master showman

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's emotional homecoming from a convalescence in Cuba after cancer surgery is the latest theatrical twist of a showman.

‘Baby Doc’ is back: But for love or money?

Haiti's ex-dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier says "solidarity" led him to return to his homeland where his name is still reviled by many.

Tiger takes break from golf, admits infidelity

Tiger Woods said on Friday he would take an indefinite break from professional golf, admitting he cheated on his wife.

Mexico flu cases easing but pandemic still likely

Mexico's flu outbreak appeared to be easing with a fall in serious cases, but world health officials warned the virus could still become a pandemic.

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