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Shanghai leads battle against China’s rising mountain of trash

On July 1, Shanghai launched China's most ambitious garbage separation and recycling programme ever

Huawei asks US court to throw out federal ban

Huawei filed suit against the US bill in March, calling it "unconstitutional"

Huawei charm offensive runs into buzzsaw of US charges

The US Justice Department unveiled a raft of charges against Huawei which could see its Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou extradited to the US

IMF chief defends rate hikes after Trump slams ‘crazy’ Fed

Donald Trump has blamed US Federal Reserve policies for contributing to financial market turmoil

As eSports grow, Chinese teams make themselves at home

Specially designed eSports arenas are appearing in the United States and China. But the LPL's "home stadiums" put China ahead of the curve

Bad rap: Chinese fans fear crackdown on hip hop

China's emerging hip hop subculture seemed destined to run afoul of the Communist Party, which has dramatically tightened its grip on free expression

Malaysia PM Razak faces $700m question

Najib Razak has refused to answer questions about vast sums of money paid into his personal bank accounts, in the country's biggest political scandal.

Seismic changes? Blame the Three Gorges Dam

The Chinese government has long held up the world's largest hydroelectric project as a symbol of its engineering prowess.

China slams Nobel committee ‘clowns’ ahead of ceremony

China unleashed a fresh diatribe on Tuesday ahead of the ceremony honouring Nobel peace laureate Liu Xiaobo.

Golfers see ‘exciting’ time with Woods dethroned

Lee Westwood's ousting of American superstar Tiger Woods as world number one has injected new excitement into a suddenly wide-open golf landscape.

With Twitter blocked, Chinese micro-blogging thrives

When a huge mudslide swamped a Chinese town in August, word first reached the world thanks to a digital camera-wielding micro-blogger.

China rejects fence-mending meeting with Japan

China on Tuesday ruled out prospects for fence-mending talks between its premier and Japan's leader this week.

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