Dan Milmo

Winning formula

F1 manufacturer McLaren is applying its world-class expertise to new markets — and not just racing cars.

Car sales stall in Europe’s uphill economy

European car sales have fallen for the 12th consecutive month and are heading for a double-digit decline this year.

BP haunted by uncertainties but puts on brave face

BP has set aside a further $847-million to pay for the Deepwater Horizon disaster, raising the potential cost to $38-billion.

Rolls-Royce ratchets up record sales

UK-based carmakers making a fortune from emerging markets' penchant for luxury vehicles.

Toyota loses its top spot

Based on sales figures for the year to date, the Japanese car manufacturer is no longer king.

Airline industry profits ascend to previous highs

The global airline industry was predicted to soar to a profit of nearly $9-billion in 2010 -- compared with a loss of some $10-billion in 2009.

Carbon tax takes flight

Canberra has proposed that a carbon dioxide reduction target is set for airlines as part of the treaty that will emerge from the Copenhagen summit.

No jets for bail-out companies

Glut expected on market as demand plummets for 2008's must-have executive perk.

Carmakers panic over sales gridlock

North America is not the only significant car market affected by a recent slump in sales.

Optimism doesn’t last long in the US

The $326-billion rescue of Citigroup was, some investors hoped, a turning point.

BMW sneezes but General Motors catches cold

The gloom surrounding the motor industry deepened on Friday when General Motors announced a ,5-billion loss and BMW issued a profits warning.

Stricken airlines face $6bn loss

Airlines will move from a profit of $5,6-billion last year to a loss of $6,1-billion this year if oil is trading at $135 a barrel, according to forecasts from the global airline body.

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