Darren Taylor

The barcoding gap: Can South Africa protect its Covid jabs from crime?

Full track and traceability of Covid-19 jabs won’t happen during South Africa’s vaccine roll-out, as the health department has not yet adopted the “overarching” system that would make this possible.

Aids teen murdered

Aids activists have threatened mass action and a lawsuit against Kenya's government for its apparent failure to protect HIV-positive people from violence and intolerance. This follows the brutal murder of Isaiah Gakuyo, a frail 15-year-old boy who had been living with Aids.

Quake a ‘wake-up call’ for Africa

Seismologists have warned that East and Central Africa will be struck by natural disasters such as earthquakes, mudslides and volcanic eruptions in the near future, but that countries in the region remain ill-prepared for catastrophes. A powerful earthquake struck the region on Monday afternoon, causing panic in at least six countries.

Kibaki’s ‘chicken shit’ broadside

Kenya's 11,5-million registered voters go to the polls on Monday in the 42-year-old republic's first referendum. But the economic hub of East Africa is tense ahead of the ballot on a controversial draft Constitution. Police have shot dead at least 10 people during violent protests against the document in the weeks leading up to the plebiscite.

Desert of death and dreams

The Dida Galgalu desert is a good place to hide. Perennial drought and famine extract their daily toll here, where warring nomadic tribes battle over livestock and shifta (bandits) prowl the dead land in search of bounty from the odd supply lorry that chances over the twisted network of rough tracks.

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