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Darryl Accone

Go west

In an alternate America, citizens flee for their lives, writes Darryl Accone.

Bright sparks

Take a conspiracy of clowns, a firebug and a tinder-dry Cape Town and you have the ingredients for <i>Touch Wood</i>, an incendiary piece of environmental theatre based on the advent of fires that ravaged the Mother City in the summer of 2000. Darryl Accone reports.

It’s a guy thing

Darryl Accone delves into the world of dick-lit, a world new local imprint Two Dogs is eager to dominate.

Beware the behemoths

The threat to independent book dealers is very real and it is growing, writes Darryl Accone.

The devil is in the detail

Satirist Ambrose Bierce's caustic legacy continues to live on in the pages of Carlos Fuentes's latest novel, Darryl Accone reviews.

Far East in the near east

From birth we hear food being prepared, savour its aromas, see it displayed as art-about-to-be-eaten, touch and taste it. In marvelling at how food makes the unknown familiar, we acknowledge its role as ambassador for other ways of being in the world, for perspectives, tastes, values and aesthetics different to our own. Chinese restaurants in South Africa offer a chance to explore the soul of that vast country -- and great food.

A breath of fresh air

Not since Queen Victoria declared her love for Balmoral has rural Scotland been so stylish. Following in her footsteps, tweed-clad hordes stormed to the Highlands and islands to shoot, walk and stalk their way into aristocratic life. It's easy to see what draws the rich to the isles.

Playing the Apollo

This year's Apollo Film Festival was a testament to the vigorous possibilities of independent endeavour, writes Darryl Accone. This showcase of South African independent film completed its third edition last week.

Estimated worldwide HIV infections: 48 916 879 at 2.52pm on Thursday

Rapid testing: A new rapid HIV-testing kit has been launched in Kenya. The Rapid HIV Infection Diagnosis System test provides results in 30 seconds. HIV tests that are now used in Kenya take several days to produce results.

Generously Johnny

Johnny Clegg's concert run has been extended -- a show of maskanda for beginners, Savuka classics and personal reflections, writes Darryl Accone.

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