David Batty

Art Basel’s debut in Hong Kong attracts global celebrities

Western art dealers have focused their attention on wealthy Chinese buyers at the Asian debut of the world's most prominent art fair.

Chuck Norris slammed for anti-gay scouts article

A lesbian ex-scout leader has slapped down 1980s action star Chuck Norris after he claimed that gay people have no place in the scouting movement .

Voyager 1: To infinity and beyond

Nasa's <em>Voyager 1</em> has entered uncharted territory on the border of our solar system and the remainder of the Milky Way.

The fragrant pleasures of coffee

Doctors have long argued about the health effects of coffee, but its reputation seems poised to receive a boost thanks to a flavoured condom that aims to encourage safer sex in Ethiopia. About 300&nbsp;000 of the coffee condoms were sold in a week when they were launched in September.

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