David L Smith

Depressing end to Afcon for DRC team

A problem getting homegrown people to soccer matches: the locals just don’t seem to be interested in African football.

Equatorial Guinea snores through the Afcon

Despite the sensational action on the pitch, Equatorial Guinea hasn't quite been able to get excited about the international tournament.

Bewitching tale casts light on Kinshasa’s street children

'Child Witch Kinshasa' is fiction, but barely. It is a book about the Congolese seen through the eyes of a young boy.

Humanising hate crimes

Xenophobic violence is vividly described in Jonny Steinberg's story of a Somali man's search for freedom.

CAR is being robbed of its future

Locals in the Central African Republic have been sidelined, which means that any solution to the fighting in the country is unlikely to succeed.

Disarmed to the teeth in Bangui

Politics and absconding African Union forces make peace a tough sell in the Central African Republic.

CAR: A fighting chance is not enough

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Central African Republic can only succeed if it is given the opportunity to develop, writes David L Smith.

Central African Republic descends unchecked into hell

"The humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR) is worse than it has ever been."

Bozizé out of the frying pan into SA?

Is he or isn't he in South Africa? Whatever the case, finding a permanent refuge for François Bozizé is complicated.

Somalians wish to forge their own destiny

If it wasn't for the occasional bomb blast in Mogadishu the country would likely have fallen off the radar for many people.

CAR: Bozizé, Zuma in backroom troops deal

Central African Republic's outsted president François Bozizé's request for South African troops in Bangui did not go through proper channels.

CAR’s criminal soldiers ‘out of control’

"Out of control elements" is how locals are referring to those responsible for the acts of violence that are keeping people off the CAR's streets.

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