David Watkins

Sony battles to regain trust after data breach

Sony faces a battle to regain the trust of millions of consumers after online networks integral to its strategy were hacked, say analysts.

Japanese spirits unbowed by wind of change

The wind that blows across the debris-strewn land surrounding Atsuko Sakurai's house is unusually strong for this time of year.

Japan overtaken by China as number 2 economy

Japan lost its 42-year ranking as the world's second-biggest economy to China in 2010, with data on Monday showing a contraction in the last quarter.

Toyota recall crisis lingers despite probe victory

Toyota scored a victory after its electronic throttle systems were cleared of blame for defects but it still needs to restore its reputation.

Toyota reshapes operations in wake of recall crisis

Beleaguered Japanese car-maker Toyota said on Tuesday it will reshape its global operations after its mass safety recall crisis.

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