Dennis Webster

The Rea Vaya dream hobbles on

In its latest guarantee, Johannesburg’s transport department says that the next leg of the city’s public bus system will be operational by September

Tuberculosis: South Africa’s forgotten killer

Sidelined during the Covid-19 pandemic, the country’s deadliest disease has been working under cover

When the city of gold bled red

In 1922, Johannesburg’s white workers united on a scale not seen before or since, unleashing violence against Black miners and destroying their potential to become an organised force.

The limits of a Wanderers without a crowd

Watching the second Test match between South Africa and India from inside the hallowed environs of the Bull Ring was a discomfiting cricketing experience that will hopefully change soon

Gauteng health system is heading for catastrophe

While officials remain entangled in bureaucratic knots, clinicians warn that the continued closure of the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital risks a ‘humanitarian disaster’

Dolomite hinders residential development in Gauteng

Gold made Johannesburg. Today, a lesser-known mineral shapes the lives of some of the city’s impoverished residents

Ruling deals crushing blow to zero-hours contracts

Ferrero factory workers have won the first battle in what might become one of South Africa’s next wars on casual and precarious work

Xolobeni activist receives death threat

In an environment where activism against mining is becoming increasingly deadly, Nonhle Mbuthuma’s life may be at risk

Covid-19 exacerbates old electricity struggle

The coronavirus lockdown has added new dimensions to a decades-long struggle for electricity in the far west of Soweto, where residents have challenged the situation fiercely in recent weeks

Relocation rears its head: Bringing de-densification home in Alexandra

About 1 600 families in the Stjwetla shack settlement in Alexandra, Johannesburg are standing on the verge of seismic change. This is one of their stories

Early-morning exercise: Jo’burg’s three golden hours

Under level four of the Covid-19 lockdown, the hours from 6am to 9am became the time when inner-city residents could use local parks to escape the nightmare around them

What happened to the Covid-19 special grant?

The newly established grant intended to bring informal economy workers into South Africa’s social security net during the lockdown has had a disastrous start

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