Deprose Muchena

African states that abstained on Russia vote fail to cover themselves in glory

While there is validity to accusations of double standards by the West, unchecked aggression should always be condemned.

A thick cloud of oppression is brewing over Zambia

As the August 2021 elections loom, activists fear a renewed crack down on human rights

South Sudanese leaders must bring justice for victims of atrocities

The cycles of violence can be broken by the truth, reparations and guarantees of peace for the victims of the war

State surveillance rife in South Sudan, Amnesty finds

Telecommunications and surveillance companies must stop aiding the government’s human rights violations and encroachment on freedoms

Pandemic of human rights abuses haunts governments in East and Southern Africa

In a year defined by Covid-19, human rights violations, including massacres of civilians and crackdowns on opposition parties, have plagued these regions

Mozambican authorities must stop the attack on media freedom

When journalists stop telling the truth about what’s going on in their country, when they stop exposing wrongdoing and corruption allegations, everyone suffers

South Sudan’s guns silent – for now

They’ll roar again unless there’s justice for atrocities and the armed forces are reformed

A mixed bag for human rights in Southern Africa in 2019

Abuses continued from Angola to Zimbabwe but there were also victories for people’s rights

Why debt is a human rights issue

Many SADC countries are using scarce resources to service loans instead of offering public services

Chinese mining company ruins lives of Mozambican villagers

Haiyu company smothered a wetland in sand, which caused floods that swept homes out to sea

From reconciliation to repression: Mugabe’s painful legacy

Massacres, torture, killings, evictions and rigged elections must never happen again in Zimbabwe

We should all be human rights activists

With personal freedoms under attack across Africa, ordinary citizens must defend our rights

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