Don Pinnock

Cape Town’s bloody gang violence is inextricably bound up in its history

Given the framework within which removals under the Group Areas Act took place in Cape Town, a social disaster was inevitable

Reserves say it’s fair game to cover costs

Trophy hunters legally shot wild animals that move from Kruger on to some private reserves, but the Game Theft Act has muddied the waters.

There are solutions to the Cape gang problem

But it would take a government with insight and compassion to implement the necessary remedies.

US to destroy its ivory stockpile

Five tonnes will go under the crusher but legal muddles still allow Americans to carry on trading.

Child Justice Act undercut from within

Even before it got to the parliamentary process, the Child Justice Bill was considered to be internationally path-breaking legislation.

Shooting crime: Cape Town’s other side

Cape Town is consistently rated as one of the world's top-10 tourist destinations. But out of sight, it's also one of the most violent cities.

Okavango wildlife threatened

Experts say there is a catastrophic loss of wildlife in the Okavango Delta. But one thing is clear -- the delta's wildlife is in trouble.

Defender of the sacred sites

It takes guts for a woman to challenge modernity and male domination with ancient knowledge.

Gabon tourist operation forced to close

A lodge airline has been grounded by the new government's aviation authority bungling.

An Act of compassion

It was conceived in passion, praised as being ahead of its time, grown with wisdom, damaged, lost, found, rebuilt and finally signed into law.

Child justice delayed is child justice denied

Since being introduced to Parliament in 2002, the Child Justice Bill has had a rough passage. It's been an on-off thing for years, passed to and fro like a hot potato -- tinkered with, watered down and chewed over by the portfolio committee on justice and constitutional development and, particularly, by the now Deputy Justice Minister Johnny de Lange.

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