Douglas Hamilton

Deep Read: Gaza crisis rooted in crossed red lines

There are theories among Israelis and Palestinians about what has propelled the two sides towards their second war in four years.

Out of Israel, back to Africa

African migrants chosen for deportation from Israel are nervously awaiting a knock on the door or a tap on the shoulder to begin their departure.

Israel ’rounds up’ African migrants

Israel has begun rounding up African migrants in the first stage of an "emergency plan" to deport thousands deemed a threat to the Jewish character.

Syrian cities bombarded as truce deadline nears

Activists accuse Syrian troops of shelling two cities in an effort to weaken forces fighting Bashar al-Assad's government before a ceasefire deadline.

Rights body condemns Syria as Shell pulls out

The main UN human rights forum condemned Syria's crackdown on protests on Friday and Royal Dutch Shell shut down oil work there.

Wildfire engulfs hills above Haifa, killing dozens

A major forest fire killed at least 40 people in northern Israel on Thursday, including prison guard cadets trapped in a bus.

Israel, Palestinians agree to direct peace talks

Israel and the Palestinians accepted on Friday an invitation by the United States and other powers to restart direct talks on September 2.

Israel, Palestinians cautious on peace-talk invite

Israel and the Palestinians were waiting on Friday to study the wording of a US statement inviting them to start direct talks on a peace treaty.

Abbas on the ropes as Palestinians vent anger

Mahmoud Abbas faced a wave of anger on Wednesday from Palestinians who accuse him of selling out the national cause in favour of Israel.

Fatah rows cast cruel light on Palestinian split

The first congress in 20 years of Fatah that would seal a future peace pact with Israel was in danger on Friday of fizzling out in discord.

Gaza war lacked restraint, some Israeli troops say

Israel rejects charges that its January invasion of the Gaza Strip inflicted civilian death and destruction on an unjustifiable scale.

Kosovo recognition deals blow to Serbia

Serbia's neighbours in Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria dealt a blow to the Serb campaign to overturn Kosovo's month-old independence on Wednesday by announcing they would recognise the new republic. In a joint statement issued in Zagreb, Budapest and Sofia, they said the decision was based on ''thorough consideration''.

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