Eamon Allan

Badges of faith in the time of signs

Symbols of faith are important to believers.

Social-ism for the masses

How are South Africans using social media? Eamon Allan asked a few of them to find out.

Harmless, harmful or medicinal

Is cannabis a wonder plant for every ailment or downright dangerous? Here's what the different sides argue.

The politics of what you wear

From hoodies to a Speedo or a pair of pope-type shoes, your clothes make a statement about you.

A ride on the ghost bus

The ghosts that haunt Jo'burg's tales of tragic love, betrayal and murder can be darkly entertaining.

Eminem’s glaring homophobia

The hip-hop artist will tour SA in the new year, but his lyrics are inflammatory in a country where homophobia is a heated issue, writes Eamon Allan.

Why budget flights aren’t for the faint of heart

For just £370, a flight from London to Johannesburg with one short ­layover in exotic Addis Ababa seemed like a great idea.

The cluck stops here

In a chicken coop for the Seoul art-appreciation set, Eamon Allan finds birds of a certain feather flock together, even when they’re ceramic.

A Bird’s eye view of Parktown

Eamon Allan takes a walk through Jo'burg suburbia with Flo Bird, heritage champion of the great north.

Manning up for the Bro-zilian

There is a profusion of treatments for removing body hair on the market these days plucking, laser, shaving, depilatory cream, bleaching and so on.

Cuddly vegan vs tantric porn star

Critics say the new People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals advert normalises domestic violence against women.

The killing that shook Welkom

The brutal slaying of a young man whose body was found cut up has unsettled the once quiet town. <b>Eamon Allan</b> goes home to see what happened.

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