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Deadly Australian floods spark evacuations in Brisbane

Thousands of people were urged to leave the outskirts of Brisbane -- Australia's third-largest city -- on Tuesday, as flood waters raced eastwards.

Indonesia police reconstructing face of suicide bomber

Indonesian police said on Sunday they were reconstructing the face of one of the suspected suicide bombers from a severed head.

Indonesian parties eye post-election coalitions

Indonesia's political parties are in coalitions talks ahead of a presidential election in July.

Troubled East Timor could be tourism paradise

It has pristine beaches, lush highlands and an exotic cultural mix -- and lies just a few hours' flight east of the Indonesian resort island of Bali. But currently almost the only overseas visitors to East Timor are foreign troops, journalists and aid workers after Asia's youngest nation descended into turmoil last year.

Indonesia counts its islands before it’s too late

Indonesia has so many islands it has not been able to count them all and is having a hard time finding names for them. From coral-fringed atolls to jungle-clad volcanoes thrusting up from the ocean, its chains of islands sprinkled along the equator make up the world's biggest archipelago. Officially there are about 17 000 islands.

Indonesian flood victims face stinking rubbish, mud

Residents of the Indonesian capital began returning to their homes on Wednesday as flood waters receded, but they faced a huge task clearing up streets and homes caked in stinking rubbish and mud. The death toll from the floods, the worst for at least five years, rose to 50 people, a health ministry official said.

Scientists find over 50 new species in Borneo

Dozens of new species of animals and plants including a catfish with protruding teeth and a tree frog with striking bright green eyes have been found in the past year in the forests of Borneo, a WWF report said on Tuesday. The discoveries include 30 unique fish species, two tree frog species, 16 ginger species, three tree species and one large-leafed plant species.

Tsunami survivors try to regain normal life

Survivors of the Java coast tsunami tried to return to normal life amidst the rubble of disaster on Thursday despite aftershocks that continued to spread fear and anxiety. Tens of thousands displaced by the disaster were housed in temporary shelters.

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