Sunanda Creagh

Indonesian volcano erupts again, many evacuated

A volcano, inactive for four centuries, erupted again on Monday, pitching ash 2km into the air and sending residents scurrying from their homes.

East Timor lures tourists with historic independence sites

East Timor's struggle against Indonesian occupation may soon become a tidy earner.

Hopes fade for Indonesia quake survivors

Rescue teams combing the rubble in the shattered Indonesian city of Padang said on Sunday there was little hope of finding more survivors.

Indonesia quake levels villages, eight trapped in hotel

Eight people were believed to be still alive in the ruins of a hotel on Saturday, nearly three days after a strong quake hit Indonesia's Padang.

Frantic search as Indonesia quake toll tops 1 000

Rescue teams dug on Friday through the rubble of buildings shattered by an earthquake in the Indonesian port of Padang.

Indonesia police reconstructing face of suicide bomber

Indonesian police said on Sunday they were reconstructing the face of one of the suspected suicide bombers from a severed head.

Investigators sift for clues from Indonesia bombs

Investigators were sifting through two bomb-damaged luxury Indonesian hotels on Saturday, for clues to those behind the suicide attacks.

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