Olivia Rondonuwu

Indonesia’s mosques seek a ‘jazz lounge’ standard

Indonesia's mosques are trying to sound their best for Ramadan, splashing out on high quality loudspeakers to avoid upsetting non-Muslims.

Indonesian fuel hike under certain conditions

Indonesia's parliament voted on Saturday to give the government authority to raise subsidised fuel prices under certain conditions.

Indonesian volcano erupts again, many evacuated

A volcano, inactive for four centuries, erupted again on Monday, pitching ash 2km into the air and sending residents scurrying from their homes.

Quake kills 15 in Indonesia, toll may soar

An earthquake killed at least 15 people and forced thousands to evacuate on Indonesia's main island, the country's disaster management agency said.

Investigators sift for clues from Indonesia bombs

Investigators were sifting through two bomb-damaged luxury Indonesian hotels on Saturday, for clues to those behind the suicide attacks.

Jakarta hotel bombs kill nine, wound 42

Near-simultaneous bomb blasts ripped through the JW Marriott and the Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta on Friday, killing nine people.

Bali bombers’ looming execution to test Indonesia

Indonesia's ability to keep a lid on militant Islam is likely to be put to the test soon with the long-awaited execution of the Bali bombers.

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