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France’s Hollande threatens to sue over affair report

French President François Hollande has threatened to sue a celebrity magazine after it alleged he was having an affair with an actress.

France votes, economy clouds Sarkozy’s chances

France has voted in round one of a presidential ballot where frustration at high unemployment may mean Nicolas Sarkozy loses his re-election bid.

Gbagbo ready to cry uncle

France said on Tuesday that negotiations were under way for the exit of Laurent Gbagbo from Côte d'Ivoire, saying the strife could be over in hours.

Sarkozy in Afghanistan after troop deaths

President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Wednesday he had no regrets about sending 700 more troops to Afghanistan, after insurgents killed 10 soldiers

Sudan and neighbours agree not to support rebels

The leaders of Sudan, Chad and the Central African Republic met on Thursday and declared they would not back rebels attacking each other's territory -- repeating a pledge that has failed to stop fighting in the past. Violence in Sudan's Darfur province has spilled over into the neighbouring states, which accuse Sudan of supporting rebels launching cross-border attacks.

All eyes on Darfur talks at summit

A summit intended to strengthen ties between Africa and former colonial power France opened on Thursday but all eyes will be on a subject not on the agenda -- Sudan's battered Darfur province. The United Nations Security Council has proposed sending peacekeepers to secure Darfur's border area, but UN officials say there must first be peace.

Chirac takes China business pitch to Wuhan

French President Jacques Chirac visited the central Chinese industrial city of Wuhan on Friday, aiming to boost French efforts to tap into China's fast-growing economy. Buoyed by more than -billion in deals bagged on Thursday in Beijing, where he met President Hu Jintao, the French leader openly lobbied for more contracts at a lunch with local business leaders.

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