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France to seek ICC options for war crimes probe in Aleppo

It is unclear how the ICC could proceed given that the court has no jurisdiction for crimes in Syria because it is not a member of the ICC.

Prophet Muhammad claims he is Charlie on front page

'Charlie Hebdo' is to release its latest edition with a cartoon depicting the Islamic prophet holding a placard saying "Je suis Charlie".

France moves toward allowing euthanasia with new legislation

A new legislation states that terminally ill patients are allowed the right to ongoing sedation until death, if requested.

UN calls for Israel-Palestine ceasefire

The United Nations Security Council has called for a ceasefire in hostilities as Western ministers make plans to discuss the conflict at Iran talks.

CAR interim president to step down

Michel Djotodia will step down at a summit of regional leaders amid frustration at his failure to quell religious violence in the country.

French president refuses to apologise for colonial Algerian past

Francois Hollande refused to 'repent' for France's colonial past in Algeria, saying instead that he wanted to boost trade with the oil-rich country.

Sarkozy faces defeat as France votes

France has voted which could crown Francois Hollande its first Socialist president in two decades, marking a leftward shift at the heart of Europe.

Police lose contact with France school shooter

Police have lost contact with Mohamed Merah, the gunman suspected of seven people, more than a day after 300 police first surrounded his house.

French school killings suspect promises surrender

A gunman suspected of killing seven people, including three children at a Jewish school, says he would hand himself over to police.

Toulouse school killings suspect shoots three in raid

A gunman suspected of killing three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school in France has wounded three police officers in a shoot-out during a raid.

Sudan’s crippling debt

Sudan's debt risks exacerbating a difficult economic situation as annual debt servicing costs hit about $1-billion after the secession of the South.

Palestinian UN bid: Stage set for showdown

President Mahmoud Abbas has told the United Nations chief he will seek full UN membership for a Palestinian state.

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