Leigh Thomas

Prophet Muhammad claims he is Charlie on front page

'Charlie Hebdo' is to release its latest edition with a cartoon depicting the Islamic prophet holding a placard saying "Je suis Charlie".

France and Germany to rally crisis plan support

France and Germany are to sound out European leaders about their plan to defuse the eurozone's debt crisis, to rally support before an EU summit.

Eurozone crisis is the biggest threat to the global economy

The OECD says the eurozone's debt crisis is the biggest threat to the global economy and a break-up of the currency zone can no longer be ruled out.

Sarkozy, Merkel push euro integration, no joint bonds

France and Germany unveiled far-reaching plans for closer eurozone integration, but maintained a common euro bond issuance would have to wait.

Eurozone will not splinter, say officials

Spiralling state debt is fuelling concern that the eurozone could splinter despite official assurances that a break-up is all but impossible.

Belgium govt talks on brink of collapse

Long-running talks to form a new Belgian government were on the brink of collapse on Wednesday as tensions flared between Flemish and Francophone lawmakers over the sensitive issue of voting rights. Speculation has grown that political divisions could eventually lead to Belgium breaking up.

Storm over African immigrants clouds EU talks

Controversy over the frequently tragic attempts of African immigrants to storm the European Union's Spanish borders clouded European Union talks on Wednesday, amid a claim the bloc is trying to erect new "Berlin walls". EU justice commissioner Franco Frattini briefed ministers about an EU mission to the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa, which have been assaulted by waves of African would-be EU immigrants.

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