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‘The paper with the guts to tell the truth’

''This is a newspaper that has been banned, has been closed down, has been sued. The Mail & Guardian bears the scars of a difficult childhood. The broad outlines of the history ought to be known to you. And if they are not known to you, you obviously have not been watching Hard Copy on SABC TV,'' said Irwin Manoim, one of the M&G's founding editors, at the newspaper's 20th anniversary celebrations on Thursday.

Video ringtones coming to SA cellphones

Mobile-services company Exactmobile on Wednesday became the first to launch video ringtones and voice messaging via multimedia messaging service (MMS) in South Africa. Exactmobile has licensed software that enables it to convert music videos into a mobile format.

Wikipedia springs into action after M&G Online article

Wikipedians have taken to heart the Mail & Guardian Online's recent article ''Can you trust Wikipedia?'' (November 10), which evaluated the quality of entries on this popular online encyclopedia. The M&G Online article looked at eight Wikipedia entries, including ones about sangomas, the media in South Africa and the African National Congress.

Jo’burg loses Gay Games bid

Johannesburg's bid for the 2010 Gay Games was as solid as a rock, but despite all the bid committee's efforts, the Games will be hosted by Cologne, Germany. Disappointed members of the Johannesburg bid commission were in Chicago for the announcement and listened to the Federation of Gay Games decision on Sunday.

Banks confirm new ATM scam warning

An e-mail doing the rounds in South Africa warns ATM users that organised criminals are installing equipment on the machines to steal both the ATM card number and its PIN. The scam involves a square piece of equipment that is placed in front of the existing bank-card slot.

Can you trust Wikipedia?

The Wikipedia online encyclopedia is often celebrated for its uniqueness: every internet user can create new articles and edit entries. Wikipedia's popularity is shown by the fact that it records 1 000 page views per second, with about 100 servers to handle the traffic. However, the quality of entries is uneven; sometimes entries are even factually incorrect.

Online bank 20twenty up for sale

For the third time in the past three years of its existence, South African online bank 20twenty is set to get a new owner. Standard Chartered announced in an e-mail to its clients on Tuesday that it plans to sell the online banking business. Standard Chartered is one of the United Kingdom's leading banks in the developing world.

Superhero fathers stand up for their rights

South Africa's divorced fathers may need to start ironing their favourite superhero costumes and prepare for a headline-grabbing stunt. The South African chapter of Fathers 4 Justice, an international civil rights movement fighting for children to have equal access to both parents after a divorce, is planning to execute high-profile stunts at least once a month.

Soweto Beer Festival hopes to boost tourism

It's not only shebeens and quarts of beer in Soweto. This weekend sees the fourth instalment of the yearly Soweto Beer Festival, where enthusiasts will be able to taste more than 40 beers. Godfrey Mautloa, owner of Masakeng Pub and Grill, started this initiative four years ago and expects 80 000 people to attend the four-day event.

Oilgate: Freedom Front Plus goes for broke

The Freedom Front Plus says that even if the Oilgate scandal ruins the party financially, it won't disclose its sources and will contest empowerment company Imvume Management court bid to force it to do so. The issue stems from disclosures about the scandal that the FF+ made in the National Assembly in June.

Zuma trust still raising money

Despite the fact that Jacob Zuma has asked the state to pay his legal costs during his corruption trial, the Friends of Jacob Zuma Trust is still raising money for South Africa's former deputy president, with the same objective. The trust is receiving ''sufficient support'', a spokesperson for the board of trustees said.

Thousands sign petition to protest RAF Bill

More than 30&nbsp;000 South Africans have signed a petition on a website called <i>Stop the Bill</i> against a draft law to reform the Road Accident Fund (RAF). Hein Kaiser, one of the organisers of the petition, says "compensation is now limited and the RAF is taking away compensation for people with minor injuries".

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