Elvira Van Noort

Tourism in Soweto: Full buses, empty beds

Owners of bed and breakfasts (B&Bs) in Soweto are struggling to make a living because most tourists prefer to stay in their Sandton hotels. Mail & Guardian Online journalist Elvira van Noort spends a night at a Soweto B&B and investigates why tourists still steer clear of these hospitable establishments.

‘Disbelief’ as Zapiro wins European prize

There was ''bewilderment and disbelief'' when Mail & Guardian cartoonist Zapiro, alias Jonathan Shapiro, heard that he had been chosen as this year's principal Prince Claus laureate in The Netherlands, with prize money of €100 000 (almost R800 000).

Matthias Rath ‘should be prosecuted’

An immediate investigation by the Department of Health and the Medicines Control Council into the activities of anti-Aids-drug lobbyist Matthias Rath in the Western Cape township of Khayelitsha is needed, says the University of the Witwatersrand. "What he does is actually against the law," said a director at the university.

I’m a natural talent, says cyber-athlete

American Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel (24) is an international electronic-sports champion -- in other words, a cyber-athlete.

Game on: Cyber-champion to compete in Jo’burg

Want to fight the undead this weekend? It's time to start practising to maim, slice and kill vampires and other horrendous-looking beasts. Carnage has never been this much fun as South African gamers make sure their rocket launchers and chain guns are locked and loaded for the rAge 2005 expo in Johannesburg.

Nova: For people who don’t read newspapers

Nova is a new daily newspaper in Gauteng. Minette Ferreira became Nova editor after working as the Daily Sun's chief sub-editor.

To drive or not to drive?

On October 20, Gauteng motorists will have to ask themselves: Do I leave my car behind for one day? Car-Free Day, an initiative from the Gauteng department of transport, challenges motorists to take responsibility for their driving habits. ''We encourage people to ... travel with public transport,'' a departmental spokesperson said.

‘Islamophone’ points the way to Mecca

Muslims in the Middle East and Malaysia can now rely on their cellphones at prayer time. The Ilkone i800 includes the complete Qur'an, points the way to Mecca and has a prayer alarm and Ramadan calendar. The smart-looking phone has English and Arabic language options.

Telkom lets Hellkom live another day

The trade union Solidarity on Tuesday welcomed Telkom's decision not to bring a R5-million claim against Gregg Stirton's website <i>Hellkom.co.za</i>. The website claims that Telkom's bandwidth charges are crippling the South African economy. "I am slightly relieved," Stirton said on Tuesday.

‘Men can’t write about blowjobs’

Karin Eloff (32) is the new editor of <i>Loslyf</i>. She appeared seminaked on the cover of the September issue.

Matthias Rath’s ads ‘reckless in the extreme’

All future advertising from vitamin entrepeneur Matthias Rath's foundation and its allied organisations have to be vetted by the Association for Communication and Advertising, according to an Advertising Standards Authority ruling. Rath has been lobbying against the use of anti-retroviral medicines, saying that the drugs are toxic.

Gauteng ups taxi-permit conversion pace

The Gauteng department of public transport, roads and works announced on Monday that it will be increasing the pace of conversion of minibus taxi permits to operating licences. In the next few months, it plans to convert 40 000 permits to operating licences in the province.

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