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Everjoice Win

Myth in maize patch made real

Joshua Nkomo's legacy has been erased from history, while the Mandela legend has taken root.

Playing Survivor Zimbabwe

<strong>Everjoice Win</strong> is headed back to her home country -- but not without ample supplies.

A girl’s presidential guide

I've had it with elections. Zimbabwe has been in election mode since 1999. No fundamental change seems to come from any of it. So I am changing tactics. I have looked at everyone's manifesto for 2008 and it's all same old hot air. I am tired. But I am still going home to vote: this time for the man who will rev my engine, writes Everjoice Win.

Going home

Going home … going home … am a-going home … The lovely words of Aaron Neville's song ring in my head for a whole fortnight before my three-week vacation in Zimbabwe. Each day I wake up and pump up the volume. I am so excited, I can't wait. I haven't been home for more than five months. This is long overdue, writes Everjoice Win.

At the centre of the future

Reading stories on Zimbabwe or even watching footage on television, one would be forgiven for thinking that it is a country inhabited only by men. Women hardly make the news and the issues that concern them are not deemed newsworthy. The first thing I would expect in a post-Mugabe era is the high visibility of women and women's rights issues, writes Everjoice Win.

An election to quicken Zim’s sunset

"The only explanation I can fathom for the Movement for Democratic Change’s participation in next month’s Zimbabwean Parliamentary election is that they are only doing what my great-aunt advised me to do many years ago. All they need is an election, any election. Why else would they be participating in an election so flawed and so hopeless?" writes Everjoice Win.

An alien in Jozi

'''You are so lucky! Oh I wish I was in your shoes, leaving this dreadful country and its problems. I wish I could fit in your suitcase!' So they all said to me. My friends, my family, colleagues in the office, complete strangers at Harare airport immigration.'' Everjoice Win on how being fresh out of Zimbabwe doesn’t necessarily make you a lucky fish.

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