Fatima Moosa

Between Durban and Bombay

Ebrahim Essa’s memoir provides an evocative account of a young man grappling with life

Gauteng IDZ is up and running

The industrial hub at OR Tambo will create much-needed employment

​Conscious leadership is the solution to the world’s problems

People are losing trust in core institutions; leaders must act for the greater good to regain it

Get on the Hallyu Wave, K-pop is taking over the world

The music phenomenon has an unusual origin: South Korea ‘created’ it to pay off an IMF loan – and now its global fanbase is exploding

Benin repeals social media tax after protests

The government cancelled the tax it had decreed in late ​August taxing its citizens for accessing the internet and social media apps

Cops drop charges against #TheTotalShutDown GP

Some of the charges levelled against the movement include violating the permit, intimidating the president and violence at the Union Buildings

Football fans tune in to Liverpool’s Salah

But it’ll take more than the celebration of a Muslim player to kick prejudice out of the game

Gift Ngoepe on his incredible journey to the MLB – and how to get more Africans there

The Daily Vox team caught up with him to speak about his transfer and his baseball plans for SA.

The case for giving zama-zamas mining rights

It’s dangerous work done by people who live on the poverty line, and are desperate to provide for their families.

The Proteas lost at the Women’s World Cup and they cried. So what?

Many of the online reactions to the Protea women’s team’s tears implied that of course they’re crying; that’s what girls do.

Mashaba points finger at civil society: #JhbFire ‘was bound to happen’

Mashaba said he knew the fire was going to happen according to findings he had collected, and blamed human rights lawyers

Eid 2017 In South Africa: Here’s What You Need To Know

The Daily Vox team breaks down what Eid is all about and how it’s celebrated in South Africa.

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