Fikile Ntsikelelo Moya

‘His place in history is secured’

The universe is fixated on Nelson Mandela because he is a man of the future and not the past.

Controversial Act is imminent

President Thabo Mbeki is likely to sign controversial legislation this month to outlaw the use of lethal force against fleeing suspects who do not pose an immediate threat.

‘Bin Laden’ runs amok in Soweto

Only weeks after a mob turned on alleged thugs in Braamfischerville on the West Rand after residents accused police of abandoning them to gangsters, the police have again been accused of indifference as a Soweto gangster called 'Bin Laden' runs amok.

Cuban doctors’ problem cured

Locally deployed Cuban doctors who refuse to pay the compulsory 57% of their salaries to their government or send their 15-year-old children back to their motherland, can do so without fear of being fired from South African hospitals.

Foreigners stand to lose jobs

The laws requiring that domestic workers be registered could eventually clear the South African job market of unskilled foreign workers, lawyers predict and unionists fear.

Here we go again

The health minister is to petition the Constitutional Court for leave to appeal against a compulsion order issued by the Pretoria High Court.

What’s in a name

Robert Kirby on the issue of renaming comes out as a sublime racist who feels that had it not been for whites no...

What’s in a name for super models

Judith Watt THE son of super-surgeon Dr Chris Barnard and a member of the Meerlust wine dynasty are to join Boss Models's top...

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