Nawaal Deane

Employment good and proper: A good ‘deal’ for our people

Creating a compelling value proposition is always a work in progress

Presidency’s report three years late

The Office of the Rights of the Child in the Presidency is three years late in submitting a progress report on children’s rights to the United Nations -- tainting South Africa’s image as a human rights champion. Child rights activists have slammed the office for failing to submit the report, which was due in 2002 as part of South Africa’s ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Not in our name, say UN bodies

The World Health Organisation and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/Aids have written to the Dr Rath Health Foundation demanding that it remove from its website all reference to their names within three weeks, or ''appropriate action'' will be taken.

Maasai warrior’s long walk for tradition

It is not extraordinary for Maasai warriors to walk for months as nomads across Africa in search of grazing land. But it is bizarre to see a six-foot, regal, ebony skinned warrior gliding across Long Street in downtown Cape Town, amid quaint coffee shops, carrying his spear and kitted out in his majestic blood-red blankets.

Health tax: Cover some, cover all

Taxpayers spooked by the prospect of a hefty income tax hike to fund the expansion of the private health system can relax. The proposal, already in the works for two years, faces major obstacles. The Department of Health wants to expand the number of South Africans using the private system by raising income taxes.

Talking about his generation

Nawaal Deane spoke to Strini Pillai, of popular South African soapie, Generations, about life before fame Did you know that you wanted to be...

Uncrushable spirit

Victor Vermeulen was 19 with an exceptional future as a world class cricketer when he jumped into a swimming pool and broke his neck....

A different way to discipline

The Montessori philosophy teaches children respect, writes Nawaal Deane If you don't behave I am going to hit you!'' How many times have you...

Lending a hand

Instead of choosing knitting as her pastime, pensioner Jane O'Hara prefers to give reading lessons to pupils at Troyeville Primary School on a voluntary...

Hearing problems can be an earful

This is the first in a series of fact-filled health columns that will touch on many issues affecting the health of students. Our living...

When young lives go up in smoke

The first time I lit a cigarette and dragged the smoke into my lungs I was a 13-year-old schoolgirl with an idea that I...

Don’t suffer, little children

Statistics say that 26 000 children are physically and sexually abused every month. According to the South African National Council for Child Welfare (SANCCW),...

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