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Innovative leader has to keep its sights on the future

The M&G's clarity of purpose and voice positions it better for success than some of its larger rivals. But it is not enough to be well positioned.

Nic Dawes: Mandela and my two brackets of absence

Nic Dawes reflects on hearing about the death of Nelson Mandela in India.

Nic Dawes: It’s time to start a new conversation

The Mail & Guardian's editor-in-chief reflects on years of working with a team that sets the bar.

Thank you and goodbye: Cassel Mathale resigns

Limpopo's Premier Cassel Mathale has resigned after being recalled by the ANC.

Nic Dawes: Mandela, the long goodbye

As he hovers on the threshold, Madiba's long goodbye takes on the form of a return - not as a statue, or as a caricature, but as living potential.

Old Mutual JoBerg2C: Keeping up with the M&G’s bike trek

We follow M&G editor-in-chief Nic Dawes and amaBhungane reporter Craig McKune as they take part in the 910km Old Mutual JoBerg2C mountain bike race.

Central African Republic: Have our leaders learned their lesson?

A fortnight after 13 South African soldiers died in the battle for Bangui, much remains unclear about what happened, and why.

Budget 2013: Gordhan exposes the limits of the fiscus

The "fiscal space" built up during the austere Gear period and in the boom years between 2003 and 2008 is all used up, and then some.

Cyril Ramaphosa the key to urban voters

By going for broke, Kgalema Motlanthe ensured the ANC had to face the scale of its Jacob Zuma problem, writes Nic Dawes.

From the Editor: This is my song, for the asking

Shell-shocked by the developments of 2012, ordinary South Africans must now lead, writes Nic Dawes.

Mangaung: Unity calls and purge fears after Zuma landslide

Calls for ANC unity and fears of lingering animosity were heard following the election of Jacob Zuma and the party's senior leadership at Mangaung.

Zuma payments: South Africans have a right to know

In just over a week, delegates sent to Mangaung by ANC branches will vote whether or not to retain President Jacob Zuma.

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