Floyd Shivambu

Floyd Shivambu: Mandela was never a member of the communist party

Claims that Nelson Mandela was a communist party member should be clarified to re-affirm that he didn't lie to South Africans, writes Floyd Shivambu.

President Zuma gets a thumbs down in his backyard

The ward 10 ANC branch general meeting in Nkandla has sent a message to the party in more ways than one, writes Floyd Shivambu.

Shivambu: Zuma’s take on land is ill-disciplined

Jacob Zuma has never proposed anything coherent because, more often than not, he misdiagnoses the causes of SA's challenges, writes Floyd Shivambu.

Have your day in court, President Zuma

Those who abused state institutions for political purposes are gone and so the case should proceed, says the outspoken Floyd Shivambu.

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