Gerard Wynn
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/ 23 January 2008

EU adopts blueprint for climate fight

The European Union’s executive adopted landmark proposals on Wednesday that will make the 27-nation bloc a world leader in the fight against climate change, but trade-offs will include higher energy bills. The European Commission approved detailed plans to cut planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions by one-fifth and set each EU state individual targets.

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/ 4 December 2007

Bali climate talks advance despite squabbling

A 190-nation climate meeting in Bali took small steps towards a new global deal to fight global warming by 2009 on Tuesday amid disputes about how far China and India should curb rising greenhouse-gas emissions. Yvo de Boer, the United Nations’s top climate official, praised the December 3 to 14 meeting of 10 000 participants for progress.

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/ 31 October 2007

Solar energy boom may help world’s poorest

A surge in investment in solar power is bringing down costs of the alternative energy source, but affordability problems still dog hopes for the 1,6-billion people worldwide without electricity. The sun supplies only a tiny fraction — less than one 10th of 1% — of mankind’s energy needs. But its supporters believe a solar era may be dawning, boosted by Western funding to combat oil ”addiction”.

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/ 2 February 2007

UN climate report paints bleak picture

The United Nations climate panel issued its strongest warning yet on Friday that human activities are heating the planet, adding pressure on governments to do more to combat accelerating global warming. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted more severe rains, melting glaciers, droughts, heatwaves and rising sea levels.

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/ 26 September 2006

Economists on climate change: Do we care?

Will the spending needed to prevent global warming cost the world more than just sitting back, or even enjoying the possible financial benefits of a hotter planet? Economists are divided over that cold financial calculation in the week ahead of a major report on the issue to be presented to ministers of the world’s leading nations.