Paul Taylor

Charlie Hebdo attacks set to deepen cultural rifts in Europe

Amid protests against immigration in Germany, Islamophobia and anti-immigration sentiment could rise in Europe, following the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

The great divide as Europe tackles debt fears

Europe has divided in a historic rift with a majority of countries led by Germany and France moving ahead with a treaty, leaving Britain isolated.

Conflicting visions at core of eurozone crisis

Since the inception of the euro, France and Germany have pursued divergent visions of European economic and monetary union.

Eurozone: Will Greece stay or will it go?

Germany and France have issued Greece with an ultimatum that will see it receive no more aid until it decides on whether it will stay in the eurozone.

ECB exit worsens Stark crisis

The exit of Juergen Stark could hardly have come at a worse time for euro zone policymakers as they grope for a way out of their financial crisis.

Defections tighten noose around Gaddafi

The noose is tightening around Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and his family after his foreign minister and another top diplomat defected.

Cautious CEOs count on Brics for growth

Global business leaders pinned their hopes on roaring growth in emerging markets at the start of the annual Davos forum on Wednesday.

Sarkozy denies reports of illegal funding

President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday denied allegations that his party had received illegal campaign donations in cash from France's richest woman.

Sasol fined in crackdown on illegal cartel

Sasol was among nine companies fined a total of €676-million by the European Commission for forming a ''paraffin mafia'' to fix prices.

Georgia, Russia clash over truce ‘violations’

Georgia accused Russia of breaking a shaky ceasefire in their six-day-old conflict on Wednesday, a charge strongly denied by Moscow.

EU gropes for coherent line on China

As the Beijing Olympic Games highlight China's emergence as a world power, the EU is struggling to take a coherent approach to the Asian giant.

France launches Med Union with high hopes

Europe, North Africa and the Middle East launched the Union for the Mediterranean on Sunday pledging cooperation on water, energy and education.

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