Julien Toyer

The great divide as Europe tackles debt fears

Europe has divided in a historic rift with a majority of countries led by Germany and France moving ahead with a treaty, leaving Britain isolated.

Sarkozy backs down on ECB crisis role, progress slow

French President Nicolas Sarkozy faces implacable German opposition to demands to use unlimited European Central Ban funds to fight the debt crisis.

EU, IMF to lay groundwork for Irish rescue

Eurozone finance ministers agreed on Tuesday to lay the groundwork for bailing out Ireland's banking sector with the IMF.

No EU legal action seen yet against France on Roma

The European Commission will not launch legal action against France on Wednesday over its expulsion of Roma migrants.

EU, IMF agree $1-trillion emergency fund

Policymakers unleashed a rescue package worth about $1-trillion to stabilise markets and prevent the Greek debt crisis from destroying the euro.

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