Godfrey Olukya
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/ 22 February 2008

Uganda rebels walk out of peace talks

Ugandan rebels have walked out of peace talks because the government refused their demands for senior government posts, a rebel spokesperson said on Friday. The two sides have been meeting in Sudan-mediated peace talks since July 2006 in an effort to resolve a brutal 20-year insurgency in northern Uganda.

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/ 20 February 2008

Ebola eradicated in Uganda

Uganda is officially free of the deadly Ebola virus, which killed 37 people in the East African country last year, the Health Ministry said on Wednesday. Forty-two days passed with no new infections — long enough to be sure that there were no cases still in the incubation stage, said the country’s Health Minister, Dr Steven Malinga.

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/ 13 April 2007

Ugandan Asians wary after deadly protest

Some members of the Asian community in Uganda’s capital kept their children home from school, failed to report to work and left their shops shuttered on Friday, a day after a protest ignited racial violence. The demonstration in Kampala on Thursday was against a company’s plans to cut part of a prized rainforest.