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US interrogators to question suspected Libyan al-Qaeda member

US interrogators have headed to the Mediterranean to question a suspected Libyan al-Qaeda member accused of the bombings of US embassies in Africa.

Kenya’s security forces control most of Westgate mall

With over 10 suspects arrested and three attackers killed in fighting at the Nairobi complex, Kenyan officials claim troops have won back control.

Large explosion rocks Kenyan mall, hostages still held

Journalists at Westgate mall in Kenya have said that Sunday afternoon's explosion was by far the largest in the 30-hour siege.

Supreme court orders partial recount in Kenya presidential vote

Kenya's supreme court has ordered a recount of votes in some constituencies in the country's March 4 presidential election.

UN ambassador outraged over Sudan bible school attack

Sudan's military bombed a Bible school built by a US Christian aid group, prompting students and teachers at the school to run for their lives.

Somali famine declared over, but UN urges caution

The UN says that Somalia's famine is over, but warned that continued assistance is needed to stop the region from slipping back.

Kenya on alert amid looming terror threat

Bulletins are warning of an impending assault by terrorists as Kenya's capital increases security measures in the hope of preventing an attack.

New radios will aid the hunt of LRA militia

A US aid group is installing new high frequency radios to help track the Lord's Resistance Army, a brutal militia that US special forces are helping h

Al-Shabaab’s stranglehold on Somalia

The World Food Programme can't reach 2.2-million Somalis in desperate need of aid in militant-controlled areas of Somalia.

Riots in Uganda after Besigye booted off Kenyan flight

Uganda's top opposition leader was kicked off a Kenya flight, prompting riots back home that police quelled with tear gas only a day before the p

MIT class studies Kenyan slum’s clinic quandary

The Rod of Asclepius is mistaken as a symbol of snake worshipping in a high quality and nearly free clinic in Kenya's largest slum of Kibera.

Somali pirates capture supertanker, $150m of oil

Somali pirates captured a supertanker carrying an estimated $150-million worth of oil to the Gulf of Mexico.

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