Gopal Sharma


Another strong earthquake hits Nepal, four people killed

Weeks after a devastating quake killed more than 8 000 people, another strong one shook Nepal in the capital Kathmandu on Tuesday.

High demand for tiger parts fuelling poaching

There is a culture among wealthy people to own tiger parts in order to mount heads and decorate living rooms with rugs made from their pelts.

Death toll from Mount Everest avalanche increases

At least 13 people have been killed in the deadliest accident on the world's highest mountain.

Nepal Cabinet meets at Everest to send climate message

Nepal's Cabinet met close to the base camp of Mount Everest on Friday to send a message on the impact of global warming on the Himalayas.

Nepal peace at risk as Maoists plan to hire fighters

A former Maoist rebel commander said on Tuesday the group plans to recruit thousands of fighters, a move seen as a blow to peace.

Tibetans step up protests in Nepal, 740 held

Nepali police detained hundreds of angry Tibetan refugees who tried to storm a Chinese consular office in Kathmandu on Friday.

The decline and fall of Nepal’s last king

Not long ago he was revered as a Hindu god, waited upon by thousands of royal palace retainers. His face crowned banknotes and the national anthem hailed him. Now Nepal's King Gyanendra is vilified, set to lose his crown and even pay his own tax and electricity bills.

Nepal army finds wreckage of WWF chopper

A Nepali army rescue team on Monday located the wreckage of a helicopter chartered by conservation group WWF, two days after it went missing in bad weather with 24 people on board, an airport official said. The rescuers saw many bodies at the site, he said.

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