Gus Silber

Resolving New Year’s revolutions

To celebrate the year of 2020 Gus Silber imagined asking a cross-section of famous South Africans for their views on what the future holds.

A company of one and it’s run, run, run

When Simbongile Ndlangisa ditched her nine-to-five job to start her own PR business, she thought, great, now I can sit and watch series all day

Activist for a new African narrative

As a child, books were her escape but later they became the pathway to her profession

He had to drop out, but now he’s a brand

Sibu Mpanza started talking to his camera and his down-to-earth style brought success

What’s the good news? Fake news and acts of kindness

Watch out for the potholes in the road ahead and never, ever spell-shame on Twitter.

The hashtags cometh: Must-have #MustFalls for 2016

There are a number of trends, attitudes and phenomena that we could quite happily do without this year, thank you very much, writes Gus Silber.

Make backups of your backups and silos of your silos

Even with this 1st edition of 2015 themed around 15, 2014 was such a sad year that Gus Silber could only find 14 Things that 2015 Can Learn from 2014.

Elections 2014: You’ll need a sense of Zuma

The precedent has been set for a few more years with Zuma at the helm. Here's what we can look forward to in this brave new error of democracy.

Fifteen things 2014 can learn from 2013

It was a year filled with Nkandla, e-tolls, the Guptas and the death of a great man. What's next, asks Gus Silber.

Deep Read: The path to Graceland

Gus Silber delves into the legacy of Paul Simon's quintessential album 'Graceland', as the musician prepares for his world tour.

Ag daddy, please!

<b>Gus Silber</b> was left with a feeling of Déjà Verwoerd this week when a judge declared words to be weapons and a song to be a crime.

Now, anyone can be a hack

If a journalist can be a citizen, then surely, there is no logical reason why an ordinary citizen can't be a journalist. Gus Silber, however, suggests we should resist the scourge of the "citizen journalist". After all, would you let a citizen surgeon operate on you?

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