Guy Oliver

Cannabis can clean toxic mines and industries

Cannabis is dubbed the ‘mop crop’ for its ability to remove or render industrial pollutants harmless

Income grant: Big bang for a few rand

Corporate South Africa is rolling out the big guns to spike momentum towards a universal basic income grant that threatens to expose their sick graveyard economy

The many moods of sweet Mary Jane

The cannabis underground tutors the corporate class in the vagaries of their shared mistress

Homegrown vs Big Pharma: Who stands to benefit from the legal market for medical marijuana?

Cannabis is scheduled for its South African parole on September 18. Kelly McQue’s handy medical marijuana producers’ guide is an opening salvo against corporate medicine’s demand for exclusive rights to the plant’s healing powers

Prohibition is back in vogue, and it never ends well

The global drug war is reaching for parity with Europe’s medieval Hundred Years’ War. As for other accolades, the combination of the apocalypse religions’ poor stabs at philosophy with a battle against narcotics is a masterstroke for everlasting conflict by its American authors

The great untethering and the airlines’ flat spin

If record vinyls and iTunes can co-exist in the Technological Age, Wi-Fi will allow ocean liners a slice of the airlines’ global travel monopoly

Preserving a gem

On a shoestring budget the Gem Bioscope has drawn thousands of people to its film screenings, art exhibitions, performances and concerts, writes Guy Oliver.

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