Gwen Ansell

The instrumentalist arrives

Jazz aficionado Gwen Ansell reports on the Cape Town International Jazz Festival's headline attractions.

Rebels and Traitors

Loyal fans of her Roman private eye Falco who pick up Lindsey Davis's latest novel, <em>Rebels and Traitors</em>, may be disappointed.

Stranger than fiction

Gwen Ansell looks at the latest fantasy novels to hit the shelves.

Quills dripping satire

Gwen Ansell applauds English absurdism, silly names and genuinely stylish use of language in the further saga of Arthur Dent.

Soundscapes in movement

Songs of Migration contains the best stage representation of the textured influences of migrant communities in South African cities.

Gripped by status anxiety

There is magic in <i>Black Diamond</i>, Zakes Mda's gritty tale of class and crime, writes Gwen Ansell.

Transition to Greedism

Fantasy -- by definition -- deals in improbable transitions. One bite and you're a vampire; one wave of the wand and you're a dragon.

A mixed masala future

Take a trip with the Mail &Guardian to Cosmo City, the future perfect of housing policy. Or is it?

Into the world that is Arbre

Gwen Ansell reviews <i>Anathem</i> by Neal Stephenson.

Displacing time and place

Gwen Ansell reviews The Palgrave History of Science Fiction by Adam Roberts andChimurenga 12 &13: Dr Satan's Echo Chamber.

Music for people

There's a growing volume of scholarship around South African music.

Diamonds in the dust

South Africa's musical gems, from old-timers to the new generation, are given voice in two new books, writes Gwen Ansell.

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