Gwen Ansell

As for science fiction and fantasy…

<b>Gwen Ansell</b> reviews three of the latest releases in the science fiction and fantasy genre.

Work for sax orchestra a blast

South African composer hits a high note on the world's toughest stage.

Paul the octopus has an ally

China Mieville's 2010 <em>Kraken</em> is likewise a vehicle for satirising war, the Cold War's successor -- the West's new crusades.

No small occident

The authors' sensitive approach on foreign terrain is gripping and incisive, writes <b>Gwen Ansell</b>.

Line-up strikes note of discord

The Joy of Jazz festival is one of the South Africa's biggest music events, but its curation isn't as well thought-out as it should be.

Coal train coming

Anybody who knows South African jazz knows the words to Hugh Masekela's 1974 <em>Stimela/Coal Train</em>.

Writing a perfect note

Musicians are different. Share space with one and you'll learn.

Stirring it up to see what bubbles

Prolific fantasy writer Robin Hobb has described her two most recent novels as her return "after a rather long vacation".

African orchestra reborn

Composer Steve Dyer is definitely on a high. He's concluding rehearsals for the world premiere of his large-scale work, <i>Rebirth</i>.

Brave new words

Checked your solido album lately? Depressing, isn't it, how old you're looking: almost like some gnarled outworlder.

Song, interrupted

<em>Gwen Ansell</em> speaks to two veterans of the apartheid era who dazzled the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

Marcus the maestro

Schizophrenia is the name of the game on the Johannesburg jazz scene, says trumpeter Marcus Wyatt.

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