Hailey Gaunt

Getting philosophical and funky with the Festival jazz

Last night, while watching the Festival debut of Bokani Dyer, I couldn't help but think jazz is a perfect metaphor for life.

The oldest profession

Rough and fast is my appraisal of <i>The Last Pro in Yeoville</i>, but perhaps that?s what one should expect from a play about a washed-up prostitute.

Gathering around The Table

<i>The Table</i> captures all the melodrama and begrudging sentiment of family life as it unfolds around a meal.

Day one: glitz and glamour and chickpea fudge

<b>Hailey Gaunt</b> reports from Grahamstown, where the shows, exhibitions and other official offerings are only half the fun.

Cinema curator reflects on SA celluloid

“I'm fortunate I'm given the freedom to explore and not conform,” saysTrevor Steele Taylor, director of the Film Festival.

TV gets an education injection

Jacquie Golding-Duffy KAGISO Educational Television (KET) is a new production company that promises to make an impact on educational viewing this year through...

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