Ian Siebörger

Eskom caught in a web of dysfunctionality

The power utility is owed huge amounts of money by municipalities — and then there’s sabotage to contend with

Ramaphosa: Reminded, lobbied and plotted against

A survey of March’s top online news articles suggests that municipalities, a new police commissioner and the ANC’s December elective conference were key issues facing the president

Sisulu vs. Ramaphosa: the ANC’s war of (stolen) words

We need robust and open discussion about South Africa’s transformation. What we don’t need is ham-fisted attempts at political posturing and calling our judges names

Coalition negotiations: A sidelined ANC, a surprised DA and a demanding EFF

If South Africa is moving from being a dominant-party system to a more vibrant, multiparty democracy, as these elections indicate, then coalitions are going to have to become the norm

The ANC has moral decay on its plate, and the garnish is bitter

Analysis of news coverage in May shows a governing party that is broke — and bitterly at war with itself

Precipitous parlance in a pandemic

From ‘lockdown’ to ‘new normal’ — 2020 was littered with new words we’d rather forget

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