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Zimbabwe short-changing its small-scale farmers

The state-run Grain Marketing Board, designed to promote food security, is being blamed for exacerbating Zimbabwe's chronic food shortages.

Zimbabwe’s ailing economy fuels child labour

Unicef estimates that 13% of Zimbabwean children are engaged in child labour, a problem spurred by the demise of the country's manufacturing sector.

Billions in African diaspora savings could bolster growth

African diaspora savings, at US$53-billion every year, exceed annual remittances to the continent and could aid development, if tapped into.

Thai government calls for more security for teachers

Thai teachers have been under attack from Muslim insurgents who see them as representatives of the state.

Zimbabwe’s anti-HIV circumcision drive fails to take off

Government says there has been a poor response to the male circumcision programme which aims to circumcise about 3-million men by the end of 2015.

Portuguese migrants flock to Mozambique to seek opportunities

The financial crisis in Europe has brought an influx of Portuguese migrants to Mozambique, creating employment opportunities in the process.

Uganda’s nodding syndrome centres low on drugs, food

Health centres in Uganda are struggling to help those affected by nodding syndrome, a condition that causes seizures and stunting in children.

Smuggling devours Ivorian cashew revenue

About a third of Côte d'Ivoire's cashew nuts are smuggled abroad every year, robbing the country of a valuable income stream.

Concern over future UN intervention brigade in the DRC

Nineteen NGOs have written to UN chief Ban Ki-moon to express concern over a new "robust" brigade to be deployed in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Careless food storage sidelines Swaziland’s hungry

Thousands of kilograms of food aid intended for Swaziland's food insecure were recently found rotting in the government's main storage warehouses.

Circumcision plans go awry in Swaziland

A multimillion-dollar drive to circumcise the majority of Swazi males between the age of 15 and 49 within a year has failed to reach its target.

Women in Iraq yet to regain their place

In the 1980s Iraqi women enjoyed more basic rights than other women in the region, but years of dictatorship has led to deterioration in their status.

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