Jakkie Cillier

South Africa’s future may hinge on Ramaphosa’s strategic skills

The IMF may not believe in South Africa's growth, but ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa should plan on preventing another ratings downgrade

What needs to be done to make Africa politically stable

In the long term only rapid, inclusive economic growth combined with good governance can make the continent less volatile.

​South-South co-operation and solidarity: Beneficial for everyone and truly sincere?

Funding and investments between Global South countries are seemingly positive, but also obscure, writes Jakkie Cilliers.

Isis stronghold in Libya spells dire consequences

If Islamic State consolidates its foothold in Libya, it will pose a major threat to North Africa and Europe.

How politics clouds our economics

Instead of following misplaced loyalties, foreign policy should take its cue from domestic priorities: jobs, growth and better trade relations.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s marginalisation an ‘opportunity’

The continent is poised to flourish – if leaders ensure the rule of law and improve services.

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