Jason Musyoka

Deconstruct irrational debates in SA

White monopoly capital and the Zille privilege tweets are reasons we need logical discourse

South Africa’s future is a human economy, not a political fix

Removing a president won’t end corruption because global capital is part of the problem

Illegal mining about survival, not criminality

Subsistence miners are in no more danger than legal mineworkers – and are no national threat

State capture fails the black middle class

The skills gained in public institutions should be providing a springboard into the private sector

South Africa’s middle class is three salaries away from poverty

"An assessment of middle classes should consider their vulnerability rather than hold a romanticised view"

The path towards a ‘human economy’ needs no help from elitist agendas

Oxfam has done commendable work but runs the risk of distorting the grassroots concept of “human economy” to placate an elitist crowd

The state is sick and, while it’s ill, it can’t fix the economy

A crippled state, like an ailing patient, cannot heal itself, but needs a visionary leader to perform emergency surgery in a selfless and moral way.

​Africa’s 21st century moment? Not yet

On the surface Africa is democratic but underneath it is a ‘man-eat-man’ society, writes Jason Musyoka.

State capture and the centre that seems no longer able to hold​

The risk of the current state of affairs is that it is likely to divide the country along several lines, from racial, to tribal, to class.

Why post apartheid order is only starting two decades on

The old is dying and the new is yet to emerge, but the end of the interregnum is in sight.

It’s not black and white in SA – it’s the working classes and the middle classes

Politicians need to take heed of the protest of August 3 – when the black bourgeoisie rebelled.

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