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JSE hits record highs despite gloomy outlook

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange has reached record highs despite forecasts of a fall amid the global crisis and deadly strikes at Marikana mine.

New statue to be unveiled to mark 50 years of Mandela’s arrest

The monumental sculpture, which will be unveiled in Howick, is made up of 50 steel rods of between five and 10m high symbolising a prison.

The rediscovery of downtown Jo’burg

South Africans and foreigners are walking through Johannesburg's once feared city centre to experience more of the recently revamped metropolis.

Block by block, Jo’burg reclaims its downtown

Downtown Johannesburg became a case study in decay in the 1990s as a crime wave terrorised the city. But an effort has been made to halt the decline.

‘Noah’s Ark’ project gives Malawi reserve another chance

The African Parks Network reintroduced over 2 500 animals to the Majete Wildlife Reserve after poachers almost wiped out the animal population.

Iconic Drum turns 60

Cover pages of SA's iconic <em>Drum</em> magazine evoke a 1950s black fashion and jazz culture which perished when apartheid forces razed Sophiatown.

Cookbook offers a rare taste of Madiba

Cookbooks are competing with more serious works on Nelson Mandela this Christmas as his personal chef publishes a collection of her best dishes.

Southern Africa seeks to unite its railways

Countries across Southern Africa are pouring billions of dollars into overhauling their railways, hoping to ease the flow of exports.

Garden Route loses its ‘Choo-Tjoe’

Pictures may soon be all that's left of the Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe, which hasn't plied its regular route on the Garden Route since floods in August 2006.

The booming business of Mandela museums

Nelson Mandela is among the world's most famous icons, and re-tracing his steps is one of the country's major tourism draws.

Old South Africa collides with new in city names

A sign warmly greets visitors with "Welcome to Mashishing", a town where everything else indicates the name is Lydenburg.

Hotels suffer after World Cup slump

Hotels that expanded for football fans during last year's World Cup now face declining occupancy rates that are taking a toll on the industry.

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