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More than 2 100 confirmed dead in Afghan landslide

Officials have given up hope of finding survivors and begun helping the more than 4 000 displaced villagers in the area.

North Korea opens up to cellphones

Secretive North Korea is expected to register the one millionth cellphone user on its new 3G network by the end of the year.

North Korea and US seek to reboot nuclear dialogue

North Korea and the US will hold new talks in Geneva to discuss ways to restart regional talks on disabling North Korea nuclear weapons programme.

North Korea diplomacy at a crossroads: Talk or trouble?

Former US president Jimmy Carter goes to North Korea this week to press it to show it is sincere about returning to aid-for-disarmament talks.

South Korea ‘will bomb North’ if attacked again

South Korea said on Friday it would bomb North Korea if it tries a repeat of last week's attack.

North Korea details nuclear programme amid tension

Secretive North Korea detailed for the first time its expanded nuclear programme on Tuesday, saying it had thousands of working centrifuges.

Pyongyang says peninsula inching to ‘brink of war’

North Korea said on Friday that impending military exercises by the South and the United States are pushing the region towards war.

South Korea strengthens military near border after attack

South Korea ordered extra troops into islands near North Korea, while Pyongyang warned it would attack again if there were any more "provocations".

Pressure builds on China to rein in Pyongyang

North Korea's main ally China must lean on Pyongyang to persuade it to abandon its nuclear ambitions, senior US officials said.

North Korea nuclear threat ‘alarming’, says South

Mercurial North Korea's nuclear threat has reached an "alarming level" and it is now trying to miniaturise weapons to improve their mobility.

North Korea’s leader-in-waiting goes on show

A photograph of a plump young man seated near North Korea's ailing ruler confirmed the rise of Kim Jong-il's youngest son as the leader-in waiting.

Kim Jong-il’s son unveiled, seen as successor

North Korea's ailing leader Kim Jong-il gave his youngest son his first public title on Tuesday, naming him a general.

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