Jeremy Lovell

Climate change: Poor ‘paying heaviest price’

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has said that developed countries must take the lead in slashing emissions of climate-changing carbon gases.

Poor children main victims of climate change

Millions of the world's poorest children are among the principal victims of climate change caused by the rich developed world, a United Nations report said on Tuesday, calling for urgent action. The Unicef report Our Climate, Our Children, Our Responsibility measured action on targets set in the UN Millennium Development Goals.

UN: High food prices unleash silent tsunami

A ''silent tsunami'' unleashed by costlier food threatens 100-million people, the United Nations said on Tuesday, but views differed as to how to stop it. The Asian Development Bank said there was enough food to go round, and the key was to help the poor afford it. It said Asian governments that have curbed food exports were overreacting.

Build your own future eco-city in new climate show

Want to have a go at building you own eco-city of the future? London's Science Museum is offering visitors the chance to do just that in a new exhibition. The Science of Survival show offers visitors a trip through the problems climate change poses and an array of options for rising to that challenge.

BA calls in help to move T5 baggage mountain

British Airways drafted in extra staff on Sunday to shift 15 000 items of baggage built up since the disastrous opening of its showcase terminal at London's Heathrow Airport. With nearly 250 flights cancelled since Thursday's opening of the ,6-billion Terminal Five (T5) and more cancellations due in coming days, the airline could not say when matters would return to normal.

‘Switch off, save planet’ message goes global

The Sydney Opera House to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge went dark as people switched off lights in their homes and skylines dimmed around the world on Saturday to show concern with global warming. Up to 30-million people were expected to have turned off their lights for 60 minutes by the time ''Earth Hour'' -- which started in Suva in Fiji -- completed its cycle westward.

Airport protesters scale British Parliament roof

Protesters scaled the roof of Britain's Parliament in a major security breach on Wednesday and threatened further direct action against government plans to expand London's Heathrow airport. Environmental protesters from the ''Plane Stupid'' group scaled the Houses of Parliament.

Engine problems blamed for Heathrow crash-landing

Investigators said on Friday that the engines of a British Airways Boeing 777 failed to respond to demands for more thrust shortly before it crash-landed at London's Heathrow International Airport on Thursday. Thirteen people were injured when British Airways flight 83 from Beijing came down well short of the southern runway.

JK Rowling’s magic tales fetch R26,9-million

A hand-written, illustrated book of wizardry by Harry Potter author JK Rowling fetched a record £1,95-million (about R26,9-million) at auction in London on Thursday, nearly 40 times its expected price. The Tales of Beedle the Bard had been expected to go for up to £50 000 (R690 000).

World must be careful on food-miles issue

Ending imports of fresh food from Africa under the pretext of combating climate change risks destroying entire communities that have become dependent on the trade, Ghana's High Commissioner to Britain said on Wednesday. Food miles -- the distance food travels from producer to consumer -- have become a highly divisive issue.

UK anti-abortion marchers demand change in law

British Pro-life campaigners rallied outside Parliament on Saturday to demand changes to the law they say has led to 6,7-million abortions since it came into force 40 years ago. About 500 men, women and children stood under a steady drizzle with banners reading ''Protect Life'' and ''Women deserve better than abortion''.

Congo pygmies appeal to World Bank over logging

A delegation of rainforest pygmies from the Democratic Republic of Congo will fly to Washington this week to complain to the World Bank about its support for wholesale logging. The visit follows a leak of a report that criticised the bank for backing a number of logging projects without adequate consideration.

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